About Us

Across your wrist a watch can say a lot about you. It’s a statement of what you are all about; where you’re headed and even what you aspire to be. Indeed a good watch can do all that and that’s before you even get to work. Not only is it a part of you, it represents you and with time becomes an essential at www.freewristwatch.co.uk we are on a mission to enable you. Offering all that a stylish watch can offer at not even the fraction of its price. We offer everyone out there free wrist watches at the delivery price.

Since becoming established in 2016, for just over a year we’ve delivered over Thousands of watches. So, what’s really behind the watch? The answer is simple, The Brands have decided that rather then pay thousands or sometimes millions out for advertising it is better for the brand and customer to give some products away for free therefor increasing the  brand awareness and customer satisfaction at a fraction of the advertising budget.

Thank you for visiting our website today, feel free to browse through our catalogue and selection of the finest watches.